Police suspect Center Line woman killed in Monday crash may have been distracted

A 20-year-old Center Line woman was killed while driving to work Monday morning. The fatal car crash happened before 7 a.m. on Van Dyke going northbound, near 13 Mile.

"I won't see her tomorrow and I don't know how to deal with that," said LaTasha Griggs, Mohammad's mother. "She said 'Bye Mom. I'm going to work. Turn off the porch light.' Those were the last words."

While the ending of the story remains a tragic one, the incident that led up to the crash are somewhat ambiguous.

Mohammad left her house in a Volkswagen Beetle early in the morning. Police have reason to believe she may not have been paying attention to the road at the time of the crash.

"A witness that put her drifting from one lane to the next and then making an abrupt lefthand turn into oncoming traffic," said a Warren police officer. "She is impacted by a GMC Pickup truck. We're starting to believe it was possibly distracted driving that might have caused this accident."

Mohammad was declared deceased at the hospital. However, her mother contends with the officer's conclusion, saying that her daughter always put safety first as a driver.

"My daughter was not distracted. The only distraction is the fact that the factories allow these heavy-duty trucks to be created that kill people."

The driver of the pickup is cooperating with investigators and went to a nearby hospital after the crash. Police don't believe alcohol was a factor.

"He actually voluntarily gave blood, something we usually ask," said the Warren police officer.

As the mother tries to plan for a funeral, she's hoping the public can help lend some financial support for the ceremony. You can get in touch with her at LaTasha.Griggs@ymail.com