Police: Swastika graffiti on synagogue suspect previously set fire at Scientology building

This week Randi Nord was arraigned in court after being accused of spray painting racist graffiti at a Jewish Center in Royal Oak.

But as Nord faces ethnic intimidation and malicious destruction of property charges, we are learning it is not the first time she's been accused of defacing a place of worship.

"In March our officers responded to a 911 call of a fire at the building that housed the Church of Scientology at 12 and Middle Belt," said Chief Jeff King, Farmington Hills police.

Evidence led police to Nord who was soon charged with the crime.

"The specific suspect was charged with two different felonies and given bond that included a tether," King said.

But when swastikas were spray-painted recently in Oak Park and the racist graffiti appeared at the Jewish Center in Royal Oak - Farmington Hills police got to work.

They realized Nord had cut her tether and after more investigative work they linked Nord to the other Oakland County incidents.

"We were able to find her, locate her, and take her into custody within hours after her being identified," he said.

FOX 2 found that Nord is the founder of Geopolitics Alert Independent World News where she covers US foreign policy in the Middle East with a focus on Yemen. In interviews she has voiced support for Palestinians.

Now police are working to learn more about Nord and how her political views might play a part in crimes she’s accused of. Farmington Hills Police are working to elevate charges in their case

"And we are currently adding information and other evidence to elevate bills, original crimes to the ethnic intimidations charge," King said.

Police also believe this case shows how police work in one city can help solve cases in other jurisdictions.

"Any time we can develop a good quality evidence, and police work, and communicate that with our city, county, local partners and help them identify individuals were their incidents and ours, it’s always a win-win," King said.

The Church of Scientology building in Farmington Hills. Inset: Randi Nord.

The Church of Scientology building in Farmington Hills. Inset: Randi Nord.