Police: Toddler found in hot tub burned over 50 percent of body

UPDATE 4/26/2016: The toddler has died of his injuries. You can continue reading about the update here, or read the original story below. 

A toddler was found unresponsive in a hot tub Monday night in Inkster.

Investigators are still interviewing the woman who found her 2-year-old son face down in a hot tub around the 4600 block of Avondale at 7 p.m. Monday night.

Police say the mother was downstairs when the boy somehow got into the hot tub which is upstairs. It is unclear how long he was in the water before she found him.

"The child had 50 percent of his body burned," said Lt. Jeff Twardzik, Inkster police. "They conveyed him to Beaumont Hospital. We don't know if the child got in himself, we're not sure- we are looking at everything to be able to determine what exactly happened in that bathroom.

"It is still a little too early to tell in the investigation whether it was malicious or not, but we're looking at everything."

Police are still interviewing the child's mother and seemingly a few other family members or others who were inside the house when this happened. FOX 2 is told there was another adult and a number of children at the house when this happened.

Police say they don't know where they were when the boy got into the hot tub and they planned on interviewing everyone who was inside the house right now.

It is possible that the mother could face some charges in regards to what happened. 

UPDATE 4/26/2016: The toddler has died. Continue reading here...