Police warn Farmington high school students against Water Wars

It's supposed to be a silly game for seniors at Farmington High School but after a crash involving a student, police are warning them to be more careful.

Seniors at Farmington High School take part every year in the Water Wars event, which is not school sanctioned.

"It's just a student-run event. It's just a big water war game where you try to get your friends out," explains student Damon Manasa.

Seems simple enough. Just get your friends out by shooting them with the Super Soaker. But there are rules: you must give up your wristband if you're shot, and you have to respect safe zones like school property and your home. 

More than 170 seniors participate from Farmington High School. They even have their own unique team names: Aqua Lavista, Keeping Up with the Car Splashy Ins, and more.

Besides the fun, there's also money at stake.

"The winner takes $1,700 and splits it between the whole team," Manasa says.

However, event though it's supposed to be fun and games, Farmington Public Safety officer Ted Wartham says students could be in serious trouble or even hurt if they're not careful.

"These kids get in cars and end up chasing each other in attempt to get the others out," Wartham says.

Like Tuesday night on Grand River, one girl was being chased by her opponents and lost control of her car and smashed into a telephone pole. Wartham says she was lucky, and wasn't injured. 

The charge for the Water Wars crash could be reckless driving, meaning 93 days in jail and the loss of a license. 

So if you see kids running around with Super Soakers in the area, just know it's all in good fun - at least until May 18 when the contest ends.