Police: 'We're coming for you' after $20,000 Rolex stolen at mom-and-pop shop

A $20,000 Rolex watch was stolen from a family-owned shop in Southfield, and it was all caught on camera.

Police have a clear picture of the guys they're looking for, and they just need help identifying them. 

"It's not right and rest assured we are coming for you," said Deputy Chief Jeff Jagielski.

That’s Southfield police with a promise to these two suspects after they ripped off the Rolex this week, from a mom-and-pop watch repair shop in Southfield.

Surveillance video shows the two working together. The guy in the red jacket has the Rolex in his hand, gets a distraction from his partner, who got buzzed out to leave, flinging the door open – for his buddy.

"These two individuals seemingly knew that you had to be buzzed in, to get in a buzzed out to get out of there," Jagielski said.

The owner says the Rolex was priced at $20,000 but is actually worth more. It is a custom model, with diamonds – the most expensive watch in the shop.

"This was a well-orchestrated crime by two individuals that knew what they were doing," the deputy chief said.

FOX 2 spoke to the owner of Art Dial Watch Repair, off-camera. They are on the third floor of The Advance Building, in a so-called jewelers' row.

He is upset and nervous – this is a family shop where all his kids work, and they all rely on this to put food on the table.

"They're working to provide for their family, to provide a nice holiday season for their family, and two people walk in and tried to take that away from them," said Jagielski.

A walk-through of jewelers row – and private security is lax but, Southfield police are stepping in.

"We do have extra patrols and plain clothes officers as well out doing surveillances and keeping an extra eye on that establishment and others of the like, in the area," Jagielski said.

The deputy chief says – with this clear surveillance video - they’ll likely have these guys identified soon.

If you can help, give Southfield PD a call at 248-796-5500.