Pollster: Biden and Trump in a statistical dead heat to win Michigan in 2024

Michigan is going to be a very close race this year according to popular pollster tracking the support for President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Steve Mitchell and the MIRS news service have polling data showing Biden at 45 percent and Trump at 43 percent, in a statistical dead heat in Michigan.

There are three segments of the voting population that could influence the outcome.

Biden has an eight-point lead with voters over the age of 65, but Trump has a seven-point lead with those between 45 and 64 years old

According to Mitchell, this gives the advantage to the former president.

"The senior vote is about 30 percent of the vote in Michigan," he said. "That group right before it, is 37 percent of the vote."

Likewise, Biden has a comfortable 26-point lead with college graduates.

But Trump is even more comfortable with a 33-point lead with non-college voters

"I'd rather have the non-college group because it is a larger group," Mitchell said. "Those people in Michigan who vote with a degree."

But Biden has an 11-point lead with the critical independent voter group who will likely decide the winner.

"Whoever gets the independents is going to be the winner of Michigan's Electoral Votes," he said.

So if the election was held today Michigan would go for Biden, but the Trump supporters would add the election is not today.