Pomeranian dropped in front of Detroit Dog Rescue, dies in cold

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The Detroit Dog Rescue arrived to work on Tuesday to a gruesome find: someone dropped a Pomeranian mix in front of the shelter as temperatures fell to five degrees.

According to the Detroit Dog Rescue, someone pulled up to the shelter on Harper Avenue on the city's east side Monday night and dropped off the Pomeranian mix. The temperature at 11 p.m. was 11 degrees and it dropped all the way to 5 throughout the night.

The small dog did not survive the night.

Tuesday morning, as workers showed up for the morning, the dog was discovered. 

Detroit Dog Rescue director Kristen Rinaldi posted photos of the vehicle that dropped of the animal to Facebook and is asking for information to find the person responsible. 

This is at least the second dog that was dumped in the cold in the past week. Last week, someone dropped a dead dog outside of a Detroit liquor store when it was 8 degrees outside. The poor pup was found behind his store frozen to death. It's fluffy tail and paws were exposed only partially covered with an old blanket. 

Rinaldi told us then that they've been overwhelmed with calls.

"We are seeing a lot of dogs frozen to death right now," Rinaldi said. "I hate to think that people are just that cruel. I would hate to think that someone could do that to that dog, but unfortunately we do see that."