Pontiac teen facing felony charges after altercation with sheriff deputy

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A Pontiac Teen is locked away at the Oakland County Jail where the sheriff says he’s facing a felony charge after an alleged scuffle with an Oakland county sheriff deputy, 

Monday at Pontiac High School the Oakland County Sheriff’s office says two students went into a classroom they were not supposed to be in. 

The teacher called the school resource officer to get them out. One of them locked the classroom door as the deputy tried to come in. 

“Somebody is unauthorized, in a classroom and a door gets locked, obviously the antennas go out like is this going to go south?” Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said, 

Bouchard says another student in the class opened the door for the deputy who later identified the young man who slammed and locked it. 

“Got out in the hall and that's when the teacher said ‘that’s also the kid that shouldn’t be in the classroom and we want him removed’ and at that point the young man became disruptive, he actually punched the deputy in the chest, and became resistive,” he said. 

Bouchard says the deputy broke his hand getting control of the student which he only accomplished with the help of a teacher and two security guards.    

“We obviously don't like to ever make an arrest in a school but if somebody is threatening a school or they’re disrupting the safety or the studying of the students and teachers, we have no tolerance for that,” he said. 

The OCS says what happened at Pontiac High School is not a reflection of the school but rather a young man who made a bad decision, one that could cost him dearly. 

He could be charged with a four-year felony.