Pontiac woman battling cancer has home in urgent need of repairs

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WEB UPDATE (4.9): Numerous viewers showed an outpouring of support and Alicia Pote's home will be receiving the necessary repairs for free thanks to the generosity of the FOX 2 viewers.

Alicia Pote showed a great attitude on the same day sadly she learned the lung and brain cancer the thought she'd beat, had come back.

"There was a lesion behind my right ear but the one in my lung was the size of two grapefruits - large grapefruits," she said. "With chemo and radiation it went away. And with a pet scan they just found the other. Today I found out. You know what? It just means more to experience and learn from."

A scan revealed cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, abdomen, colon and stomach - but that's not the only set back Alicia has been dealing with.

The Pontiac home she's lived in for 20 years is in need of urgent repairs. Both her front door and side door are broken and need to be replaced.

"I'm not sure if it was a windstorm or someone tried to break in when I was in the hospital," she said. "And I found one open and the snow comes in off the back door. I would like to feel more secure when I am in the hospital."

Because of her cancer diagnosis, Alicia, who just turned 62, is on disability and can no longer work. Her fixed income isn't enough to afford new entry doors. 

"The hardest part is not going to work," she said. "I have been working since I was in third grade. And sometimes when the kids needed extra things I would work up to four jobs. Now I can't and that's one of the hard things."

She has sought help from multiple organizations. But says none has offered assistance.

"I can't get any help, I keep hearing of programs," she said. "I go and ask about the program - and I don't seem to fit."

Alicia grew up in Pontiac - her family always took pride in the city. Her father was the fire chief, her brother a police officer and her other two brothers, firefighters.

She wants to stay in her home - but she also wants to feel secure and is hoping someone out there may be able to help.

In the meantime, she will continue to smile and not complain and always stay positive.

"I am going to fight the fight," she said. "I will live - not die, I decided."

The roof also needs to be replaced, but Alicia said her priority is the entry doors to her home. If you are out there and can help please contact us either at taryn.asher@foxtv.com or fox2newsdesk@foxtv.com