Pontiac woman renews calls for help after fiance killed during armed robbery

Dariel White has to play movies of her fiancé, just to calm her kids down.

Since Anthony Rogers bled to death after being shot in 2018, her kids have had nightmares.

"We're not trying to you know, point the finger at anybody directly because no one knows," said Bernard Pryor, Rogers' uncle. "We just miss him, we love him and we're never gonna forget him."

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department reported the crime happened Dec. 23, when Rogers was at home in his Spring Lake Apartment on Auburn Road in Pontiac with fiancé and two of their children. Roger's fiancé heard a knock on the door and a couple of mem mumbling. 

Then another knock. Then a third knock. Rogers was unable to see was on the other side of the door. So he opened it only slightly.

"He opened the door, like cracked it open, said 'who is it?'" said Dariel White, Rogers' fiancé. "In the midst of him saying that, boom they pushed the door open."

In what appears to be an armed robbery, two or three men forced themselves inside the apartment. They got tied up with Rogers, who was armed and began firing. He hit one of the men, but then fell to the floor. 

"They just continued to shoot Anthony as I was screaming for him," said White. 

The 21-year-old later died. His fiancé said he didn't see the men take anything. Now five months later, his killers are still on the streets. 

"Someone just ripped his life away from him and we just want justice," said White.

If you know anything, police ask you call 1-800-SPEAK-UP.