Port Huron trailer park flooded by rain water

Heavy rains flooded a mobile home neighborhood in Port Huron as the pumps on the property couldn't keep up with the downpour.

Now residents are trying to cope with being stranded and left the kids home from school.

Like waves lapping the shore the Port of Call mobile home park earned its name after a day of rain.

"There was a lady walking back there with groceries, she was up to her knees in water," said one resident.

If you live it you’re used to it or you have a truck - and if you don't have a truck you call someone who does.

Out of the goodness of his heart came a beacon of hope - pizza delivery man Andrew Griffin.

FOX 2: "Did they make sure you had a truck so you can get through?"

"They asked if we had a truck," he said. "We (usually) don't deliver here at all."

FOX 2: "Why are you here?"

"Because they made a big order and our store felt we should come here," Griffin said.

No man is an island, unless you deliver pizza to the Port of Call.  Griffin's truck got stuck in the water. He would get towed out but told me that he got stiffed on the pizza. 

As for those living in the high water, the sound of progress is upon them thanks to the hum of pumps.

The people living there say the pumps were fixed last year - as you can see not well enough.