Possible strike looms as contract between UAW, GM expire

Contracts expired between the UAW and GM Saturday night, and with that a strike among auto workers looked increasingly likely. However, in a letter from UAW Vice President, Terry Dittes, employees were instructed to report to their regular scheduled shifts Sunday. 

That decision will come from the UAW in a Sunday morning meeting between the automaker and many of the 200 union higher-ups. 

A spokesperson for GM says they're ready to work around the clock on negations because of the thousands of GM families and communities counting on them. 

Despite calls from the union for its workers to report to their posts on Sunday, 800 janitorial workers with Aramark did walk out of facilities after contracts expired Saturday at midnight. 

Front and center at the negotiations are four issues: health care, higher wages, the idling of four U.S. plants and the status of temporary workers who want to become permanent. 

With a press conference scheduled for Sunday morning, the UAW will announce its decision after a meeting with GM executives. 

Hard to ignore for both sides during these talks, the active corruption probe into UAW top brass.

"This will be my first contract," said UAW-GM Employee Caley Jennings. "I feel like for people that's new here, it should be a better experience than everything is corrupt."

"It's the corruption. I mean this is the over lying story about this year's negotiations," said Auto Analyst, John Mcelroy. 

Auto analysts say the mistrust of UAW top officials could make auto workers a harder sell on a final contract.

And on the flip side…

"GM isn't going to give them some kind of sweetheart contract because union leadership is being faced with all these corruption charges," Mcelroy said. 

Ford UAW members rallied at headquarters in Dearborn Saturday for fair contracts. Right now, the UAW extended talks with Ford and FCA to focus on GM.

"There is concern about the scandal and who will be caught up in it but right now most members are concentrating on the contract," said UAW Line Worker- Ford Eric Truss. 

One thing is for sure, they're all watching closely.

"If GM strikes, that would put Ford and Chrysler on notice," Truss said.