Post flies off lumber truck, impales car in west Michigan

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A post flew off a lumber truck in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday, narrowly missing the driver in the car behind it. Photo courtesy of FOX 17.

A Michigan driver somehow escaped injury after a massive post flew off of a lumber truck and into a man's windshield in Grand Rapids on Friday morning.

The accident happened on 28th street between Kalamazoo and Breton Avenue SE. The post flew off the truck and headed straight towards the car behind him.

Fortunately for the driver of the car, the post entered directly into the middle of the vehicle and narrowly missed the driver's seat.

Police told FOX 17 in Grand Rapids taht the truck hit a bump in the road and a stack of posts flew off the back and into the car behind it.

The driver, who had rented the car, was not injured.