Pothole season in full effect; help us find the worst roads

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In the meantime, commuters like Phil Talbert are fed up.

"The roads are bad," Talbert said. "There are potholes and water mains breaking everywhere. We try to avoid them and we don't have an option."

There is a ballot proposal in Lansing to increase the sales tax to fix the roads.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," Talbert said, adding that Macomb and Oakland counties aren't as bad as Wayne.

Not everyone would agree - including Jason Dowda from Sterling Heights.

"They are crazy," he said. "Even one of our tires, we had to get it fixed and pay money for it."

In Macomb and Oakland counties, road patching crew were hard at work Thursday.

"It's not a permanent fix," one of the workers said. "We need more funding and stuff to fix the roads right."