Power outage continues for Westland 48 hours since severe storms passed through

More than two days after Wednesday's severe storms, Holliday Park in Westland is still without power.

DTE Energy says that by the start of Saturday, 95 percent of the customers will be restored. As of Friday evening, 49,000 customers remained in the dark.

"I’m concerned mostly about the food, my cats and myself," said Bob Chapman.

Late Wednesday afternoon the power was knocked out.

"The wind was blowing so hard that you couldn’t see across the street," said Karen Kallis.

"They told us yesterday that our lights would be on, and then they said they will be on today," said Marlene Azarovitz.

Real feel temperatures in the 90s on Friday has made everything worse.

"We’re staying away from the house as much as possible," Azarovitz said.

"This morning went out to eat, stayed in a nice cool restaurant for a while," said Kallis. "Then went over to City Hall and sat in a nice cool lobby where we could re-charge our phones."

No electricity means no stoplights - leaving traffic at Ford Road and Inkster inching along - while local businesses were closed.

Everyone is asking the same question - when will the power come back on?

"My next door neighbor he just took off and got himself a hotel and gave up," Chapman said.

"My friend and I went to the water park in Westland and got wet in our clothes," said Judith Eberline.


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"In my condo right now I've got all the windows open," said Chapman."It’s sitting on about 82 degrees."