Caught on camera: Lightning strike hits lines in front of FOX 2 camera

When Wednesday afternoon's storms pushed into Metro Detroit, it was loud, very wet, and windy. FOX 2 was covering the storm throughout the afternoon – including a news crew on Hall Road near M-59.

That's where a bolt of lightning struck – right in front of the FOX 2 News crew.  You can catch it in the video above and we've edited out the swearing – surely you'll understand – but the power of the lightning sends a flash on the screen and lights up what looks like two utility poles.

A lightning strike was caught on camera by a FOX 2 News crew on Wednesday, July 26.

The storm knocked out power to more than 100,000 across Michigan between DTE and Consumers Energy.

It's possible we could see another round of severe weather later in the day on Wednesday as well.