Pregnant mother of 4 murdered, family says boyfriend was abusive

A pregnant woman was killed on Detroit's east side, found stabbed to death while at home with her children.

"You can't just say things will be alright. It's not going to ever be alright," Sheila said.

Hearing the worst news of her life, Sheila got a phone call at four Friday morning saying that her younger sister, 23-year-old Ladiamond Meyers had been killed.

Ladiamond was a mother of four and five months pregnant.

"How do you tell a 3 year old, a 4 year old, 5 year old and a newborn baby 8 months, that they'll never see their mother again?" Sheila said.

Sitting with the young children left behind, Meyers' family wonders how someone could take the life of the vibrant young woman and the life of her unborn child.

"You took two people's lives at one time. Over nothing," Sheila said.

Ladiamond's family says the young mother has had some struggles and had been staying at a home on Braille with her four kids and her boyfriend.

Detroit police say that's where her body was found.

Several neighbors say they saw Meyers's kids outside unattended. Neighbors called 911 and one neighbor went inside and found Meyers.

That neighbor tells Fox 2 that it was clearly too late.

Meyers had been stabbed to death. Two of those wounds were in her stomach and her boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

"You didn't care about the kids who watched what you did to their mama. We care," Sheila said.

Meyers' family says she had been dating her 29-year-old boyfriend for four years.

They say he was abusive and controlling, adding they've called police and child protective services to try and intervene.

This family still wishes they could've done more.

Court records also show Meyers's boyfriend has been convicted of criminal sexual conduct, though police say so far they don’t have any suspects yet.

"I just pray to God Almighty that they find whoever did this to her," Sunshine, her other sister, said.

While this family must plan a funeral for two, they not only hope Meyers knows how much she's loved and missed but also how they will make sure her children never forget her.

"Don't worry, those four babies are going to be well taken care of," Sheila said.