Pregnant woman questions police response after pit bull attack

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A pregnant woman is recovering after a vicious dog attack at a Detroit gas station. Brianna Terry wasn't just in fear for her life but also her unborn baby.

"I was screaming of course because before this I hadn't been bit by anything more than a mosquito," Terry said. "I was pretty mortified."

This was no mosquito.

Brianna Terry says the morning of Feb. 23 she went to the Marathon gas station at the corner of Wyoming and Grand River to grab some coffee when she spotted a man with two pit bulls, one brown and one white

"I'm on the phone and ... the dog was not riled up, not barking, no warning, it was instant attack," she said.

More troubling is that Terry is 5 and half months pregnant. And the white pit bull that attacked her was there with his owner and not on a leash.

"I was so afraid for this dog to thrash his head maybe rip off my whole calf," she said. "I didn't hit it, I just screamed 'Get your dog, get it off.' People all the way down Wyoming, 10 houses down, heard me scream."

She says the dog bit her arm and chewed her leg all the way down to the muscle. It didn't let go until a man inside the gas station at the time, fired his gun in the pit bull's direction.

That same man called 911 while - Terry hobbled to the alley out of harm's way. She says officers quickly arrived along with EMS, which quickly rushed her to the hospital. She received multiple stitches for her deep wounds.

But as far as the investigation, she says she has been given numerous Detroit Police Department numbers to call, but investigators have not pursued this case or tried to track down the owner of the dogs.

"I just get bounced around not getting answer from anyone," she said.

The owner of the dogs disappeared before officers arrived, but Terry isn't giving up. She wants the neglectful owner and the aggressive dogs caught before this happens to anyone else.

"I know somebody knows who this guy is and where he is with these vicious dogs," she said. "And I need him to answer for this. This is going to scar me for life."

Terry can't work right now and contacted an attorney who says they can't do anything until the dog owner is identified.