Preparations underway for Tigers Opening Day 2016

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We're only three days from opening day in Detroit

Crews are pouring sidewalks and stocking coolers.

Power washing the bricks leaves an undulating trail of dreck, as the gate marquee tantalizes the arrival of baseball. Feast your pupils on this glory.

We have check on groundskeeper Heather Nabozny, the recitation of her name, a spring broadcasting right unto itself.

The pouring of fresh concrete, like the season itself not yet set but oozing with promise.

Hey is that Chris Chelios?

"Opening day is opening day - it is a great day," Chelios said. "It's unfortunate that it's going to be the coldest three days of the weekend. It's always a blast, we'll figure it out. We're going to make it as warm as comfortable (as we can) for all the fans to have a great day."

Inside Cheli's are stacks of buns and bags of onions and a craft beer menu -- wait what?

"We got those craft beers for the hipsters," Chelios said. "I'm a Bud Light kind of guy."

A quick check of the ticket window - just standing room only is left.

Oh Comerica you beacon of a summer not yet arrived.

We'll see you Friday, cold weather or not.