President Obama comes to Macomb Community College

Preparations are underway for a presidential visit at Macomb Community College.

President Barack Obama and Jill Biden will be there Wednesday afternoon,   Dr. Biden a teacher and longtime advocate for community colleges.

The White House says the president's remarks will focus on the importance of investing in skill and growing the economy.

This is the president's second visit to Macomb Community College. His first was back in 2009 - this return visit is seen as a salute to the work the college is doing training for new jobs and the jobs of the future.

"What we're looking forward to is the president talking about the role community colleges play not only in this area, in the nation as a whole," said Dr. Jim Jacobs, president, MCC. "Our students are excited, our staff is excited and it's a validation of our success in the Detroit metropolitan area. I think this is part of the comeback of Detroit and of Michigan."

Derek Porter, a freshman at Macomb is excited his college has been chosen for the visit.

Warren mayor Jim Fouts will be on hand and says he'd like to thank the president for his support of the auto industry and the $10 million in federal disaster aid sent to Warren after the flood in 2014.

"I think he saved this city," Fouts said. "And I think he saved the metro area. And I say thank you to a president who really puts people and cities first - that's what matters to me and I think that's what matters to most people."

If you were hoping to watch the speech in person, it is a ticketed event and those are already gone.

But you can watch it live at The speech is expected to start around 3:40 p.m. Wednesday.

Look for traffic tie-ups on I-94 and I-696 both before and after the speech as Obama's motorcade travels and back and forth from Selfridge Air National Guard Base.