Preview: Democratic National Convention begins tomorrow

The Democratic Party will officially make Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine the presidential and vice presidential nominees this week.

FOX 2's Amy Lange will be down in Philadelphia covering the action at the Democratic National Convention.

The city is buzzing, from the protests in the streets to the preparation at the Wells Fargo Arena, where the convention will kick off Monday.

Some people in Philadelphia are coming together not for Clinton but for clean energy and for Bernie Sanders, who is scheduled to speak Monday night along with first lady Michelle Obama.

Sanders and his supporters are upset over leaked emails showing the Democratic National Committee tried to sideline him during the primaries -- emails that have forced DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step down after the convention.

Sanders supporters are still in Philadelphia to support him.

"He has been a supporter of the Democratic party," said Dean Vanderstelt of Spring Lake, Mich. "He's a big time supporter of beating Trump, which absolutely we have to do. He said he will do everything it takes to make sure Trump is not the president -- so I'm here to support Bernie, whatever he decides is the right thing to do."

Sanders has yet to release his delegates and it's still unclear if they will unite behind Clinton in an effort to defeat Republican nominee Donald Trump.

I'm really excited -- (I'm a) Latina, entrepreneur, business woman, and I'm excited for her to win ... We gotta dump Trump," said Clinton supporter Sandy Pina.