Pride flag thefts in Washtenaw County neighborhood prompt donations to LGBTQ+ organization

Two men are wanted after destroying multiple Pride flags at Pittsfield Township homes, acts that have brought the neighborhood together.

The most recent vandalism on Crane Road happened Friday night. One of the men was caught on camera ripping down a rainbow flag and stealing a Black Lives Matter sign.

"The first time our pride flag was ripped down, taken. The pole was destroyed and taken," Kristy Short said. "This second time around our flag and our Black Lives Matter sign were taken."

The first theft happened about three weeks ago.

"They seemed very angry, and I think that's part of the concern we have. In the culture today, people are so angry," Greg Rose said.

Neighbors say the flags have been up for years and have never been an issue.

"They've been up for five, six, seven years. We've never had a problem out here before these occurrences," Liz Urmy said.

There are some silver linings, though. An LGBTQ+ organization benefited from the thefts, and Short said the neighbors are communicating more.

"I bought these in bulk and a donation was made to the organization that supports this group. So every time they steal one, a donation is made to the Pride organization," Urmy said.

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