Principal apologizes for setting up 'smash space' for teachers, staff

A Montgomery County elementary school principal has apologized for the creation of a “smash space” that provided her staff an area to use baseball bats on a broken rocking chair in an effort to help relieve stress.

In a letter to parents, Kensington Parkwood Elementary School principal Barbara Liess explained how the space came to light and called it a “lapse in judgment.”

Liess said the space was set up on school grounds on March 8 after a broken rocking chair was brought to the loading dock outside of the school building, which is used as the school’s outdoor trash room, and is "out of sight and sound of students."

In the letter, Principal Liess wrote:

Montgomery County Public Schools said in a statement:

The school district would not discuss if the principal is facing disciplinary action, saying it does not comment on personnel matters.