Probationary Detroit police officer arrested for Greektown fight, resigns from force

The Detroit police officer who was arrested hours after graduating from the police academy for a fight in Greektown, has resigned, reports Randy Wimbley.

His resignation comes just days before a scheduled probationary hearing where he faced termination. DPD is still looking to pursue criminal charges. He had been relieved from his duties pending the investigation.

According to the police department, the probationary officer was under the influence of alcohol when he got into a confrontation with other men.

The incident took place Aug. 21 the same day he received his badge.

He allegedly punched a man and was then attacked by a group of men. In the video, you can see what looks like a police badge attached to his belt. Uniformed officers eventually stepped in to break up the beating.

The man was not named because he was a probationary officer.

"I’m extremely disappointed in the behavior and actions of this probationary officer. His conduct does not represent the hardworking men and women of this department," Chief White said on Monday.