Probe into Hazel Park dispensary's pre-rolls reveals bevy of other problems

A Hazel Park marijuana dispensary violated more than a dozen different rules, including improper record keeping, selling weed with false information on the packaging, failing to label products, and using misleading advertising, regulators allege.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) named Flavor Galaxy, LLC in an 18-count complaint arguing the pot shop had violated several clauses of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act. 

Chief among the problems with Flavor Galaxy was its "Amnesia Watermelon Freeze Hybrid" pre-rolls, whose packaging contained "Premium Refined Cannabis Distillate" and "Cannabis Derrived Terpenes."

The information on the packaging didn't match the statewide monitoring system's records for the joints. 

During an unannounced site visit on Feb. 7, the CRA probed the store's manager about the inconsistencies. He told them the information on the packaging was incorrect. When asked to see records of the formulation of the pre-rolls, the dispensaries' employees couldn't find any. 

Instead, the material used in pre-rolls - botanical terpenes - are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for smoking.

The Feb. 7 inspection uncovered several other inconsistencies, including:

  • Containers with marijuana that didn't have state monitoring system labels
  • Improver record keeping for discarding wasted vape cartridges
  • Missing vape cartridges
  • Handing out weed products to employees without testing it first

The penalties for Flavor Galaxy include potential suspensions or revocations of its license, or a fine.