Proper potty posture could change your life

In Health Works, get ready for some potty talk. Proper potty posture and why changing your posture might change your life.

From the makers of a special toilet stool that props you into a squat, this video makes you believe, we're doing it all wrong when it comes to just sitting on the toilet. 

Doctors seem to agree. 

"If you're not moving it out quickly you're not having a happy day," said Dr. Joel Kahn.

So what makes America's holistic heart doctor happy? The stool called the Squatty Potty.
He's such a fan, he's willing to show us how it's done. 

"Let's pretend I'm on the American standard," he said. "And by getting your feet up and you're in a squatting position." 

Why is the squat so significant?  We asked Detroit Henry Ford Hospital Dr. Nirmal Kaur.

She said that the squatting position helps our muscle called puborectalis, which makes evacuation simpler.

But who needs this assist? Millions of people suffer from constipation change your diet and your posture and you might be feeling pretty good. 

You can also eat healthy, including fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and you will never worry again about constipation. 

Or you can find the Squatty Potty for about $25 at stores or online.