Prosecution grills Bashara on sixth day of hearings for new trial

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Grilled on the witness stand Monday, Bob Bashara, 57, known as "Master Bob," is cross examined in his effort to get a new trial. 

Bashara was convicted of first degree murder last year for the death of his wife, Jane.

Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey: "Given the chance to tell the truth or a lie, you chose to lie, correct?"

Bashara: "In that circumstance, yes."

Prosecutors on the sixth day of his hearing and third day of testimony, tried poking holes into Bashara's story and previous statements to police.

"I don't know what I was doing at that point," Bashara said. "I was in such a fog, I really don't know."

Prosecutors argued Bashara has a history of lying and showed several media interviews where he gave conflicting answers. They also read emails to and from Bashara's long-time mistress and submissive Rachel Gillett. The two had discussed their future life together.

Lindsey: "Did you or did you not invite Rachel into your wife's home on the day her body was found,"

"No, not on the 25th," Bashara said. "On the 26th I did."

Judge Vonda Evans: "So 24 hours later."

But Bashara continues to say he had nothing to do with his wife's murder. Bashara called Joseph Gentz an angry, violent man who had been threatening him before her death.

"The first time you indicated to police anything about Gentz was after you became a person of interest," Lindsey said.

Throughout the hearing, Bashara said that prosecutors, his defense team, Grosse Pointe Park police and the media "corrupted" his trial.

"The media's account of everything was absurd and ridiculous," he said. "They were basically regurgitating what they were fed by law enforcement and the prosecution."

But prosecutors accuse Bashara of constantly shifting the blame unable to keep his stories straight.

"That's not true," Bashara said. "That's what I implied, but that's not the truth."

"So once again when choosing between telling the truth and telling a lie," Lindsey said. "You chose to tell a lie - correct?"

"I didn't tell the full truth," Bashara said.

Jane Bashara's family has been present for the hearings. Her mother told FOX 2 that "this is ridiculous" and that Bob Bashara is "insane."

The hearing continues Nov. 13.