Prosecutor: Man was 'on a mission to rape' flight attendant

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A flight attendant raped by a man she says broke into her hotel room. Now the suspect is on trial.

"He was on a mission to rape," prosecutor Kavita Uppal said.

Prosecutors say it was 44-year-old Dwuan Parkman the night of June 20th on trial for sexually assaulting an 18-year-old flight attendant at a motel near Metropolitan Airport in Romulus.

"She's probably dead asleep which is how she ends up waking up to this guy on top of her," Uppal said.

During closing arguments Monday, prosecutors say Parkman patiently planned his attack, He was a known regular at the Romulus Wheat and Rye where the victim was seen drinking with the pilots from her flight.  

Prosecutors say Parkman is seen on video waiting in his car for them all to leave.

"He deliberately lays in waits like a predator," Uppal said. "Watching for that car to leave. He cuts his lights out. What's the reason for that, unless you are trying to follow them out of the parking lot. He follows them out of the parking lot."

Prosecutors then argue that Parkman is seen on multiple surveillance videos outside the Days Inn and inside, rifling through paperwork and keys on the hotel counter. Later on video he can be seen carrying a ladder.

"He is desperate," Uppal said. "He has found his prey and he is going to rape her."

Last on the witness stand is a Romulus police officer who reiterated that Parkman's DNA matches the DNA found on the teen.

"Certainly DNA is unbiased and DNA doesn't lie," Uppal said.

The defense argued the victim wasn't only drunk, but drinking underage and she did not sustain any injuries.

"Now if this man of this height, this weight, came in there with this predatory conduct," said defense attorney Wright Blake, "(And) wanted to snatch her out of bed, snatch her clothes off, you mean to tell me, there are no injuries?"

The defense also reminded jurors that Parkman later turned himself in and there was no blood at the scene.

"Of this DNA there were no hair samples, we don't have any blood samples, we don't have condoms lying around," Blake said.

The closing arguments will continue Tuesday before Parkman's fate falls into the hands of the jury.