Father charged after 8-year-old shoots self in head with unsecured gun; 10 minutes passed before 911 call

An 8-year-old continues to fight for his life after shooting himself with his father's unsecured gun. Prosecutors say after surgery he is in critical but stable condition.

In court Friday prosecutors say the father, Kayvon Barrett had multiple guns and several live shells lying around. They added that Barrett’s family member testified she’d seen him handle guns in front of the kids in the house.

According to the magistrate after the 8-year-old was shot the adults waited a full 10 minutes to call for help.

"Calls to 911 were delayed by 10 minutes," said Magistrate Malaika Ramsey-Heath, 36th District Court. "The adults around were more concerned with their own problems."

It’s hard to imagine that after an 8-year-old was shot in the head help wasn’t called right away - but that’s what investigators say happened according to the mother of the child.

"'You need to call 911, or I’m going to call 911,'" the prosecutor said, reading from the report.

On Tuesday police responded to a home on Snowden in Detroit to find the 8-year-old shot in the head. They believe he got ahold of a gun in the home and accidentally shot himself

"I honestly blame everyone in this house for not being more observant of weapons that could hurt children," the prosecutor said.

The boy’s father Kayvon Barrett is charged with four counts of Second-Degree Child Abuse. Prosecutors say other small children were in the house.

The magistrate added that Barret has no criminal convictions - but according to her, Barrett has a history with Child Protective Services dating back to 2018. That includes allegations of physical neglect, physical abuse, and improper supervision involving Barret and three other adults.

"There were findings of physical neglect and physical abuse," she said. "The argument this resulted from neglect doesn’t make me real comfortable he’s not a danger to the children."

The attorney representing Barret says more investigation is needed because it was his understanding that more than one person had a weapon in the house and it’s unclear to him exactly what transpired.

Cash bond was set at  $100,000 the magistrate says. If Barrett makes the bond he must wear a GPS tether and have no contact with minors. 

Kayvon Barrett

Kayvon Barrett