Prosecutors await toxicology report in baby's death at Starlite Motel

Prosecutors are weighing charges as a mother and a father allegedly gave diffferent stories after their baby died at a Fraser motel.

Police say they were called for a medical situation with a baby and arrived to the motel Grosebeck to find a baby boy who wasn't breathing. They administred CPR but the child did survive.

According to a witness, late Tuesday night at the Starlite Motel not far from Utica, a woman was screaming with an infant only a few months old in her arms.

"I'll never forget the image I got when I open door and saw somebody moving so fast with a baby in their arms. And I've seen these people out out there, they come out, they smoke their cigarettes," he said.

He's referring to the baby's parents, who were arrested in connection with the baby's death. Police say they were released Thursday night as the investigation continues.

"We seen the baby playing outside with the husband and wife, and next minute you know the baby's dead," said Devan Patel.

The owner of the motel says the couple was due to check out and were there until moving to a more permanent home. The pair left the motel after they were released.

Patel says that night he heard noises coming from their room and went to check it out.

"We knocked on the door and we said we know what's going on, because we heard loud banging. We see the female doing a CPR procedure to the baby," he said.

The couple fought in the past but some neighbors didn't think anything of it at first. 

"A lot of arguing," said witness Richard Fabiszak.

The sheriff's office was brough in to do 3D imaging of the scene. The medical examiner is not releasing any information on the infant and neither are police, but they confirm they performed an autopsy. The Macomb County Prosecutor says he's waiting on toxicology before a decisions on charges will be made.