Protecting pets from the sounds of Summer

A majority of dogs are scared of loud noises so when the Fourth of July comes around you can imagine the stress and anxiety this causes for those pets. Even though the holiday has come and gone, we all know that the fireworks will continue well into the summer.  Also, thunderstorms can be a tremendous fear for these same pets.  Here are some tips that may help alleviate your pet's stress. Try to calm the pet with a soothing voice. Sometimes soothing music can help. Running a fan to drown out the noise can also be effective. Do not leave a pet outside unattended if they are afraid of fireworks. Make sure to have a current Dog License and ID on your pet. If your pet does run away, check with your local shelters right away.  If these tips do not alleviate your pet's anxiety or it gets worse, please contact your veterinarian for more ideas. This week's pet is Vernon. He is a 10 year old poodle.  He is a quiet and gentle dog.  He is older and has trouble seeing; a quiet and loving home would be perfect for this loving dog. If you would like more information on Vernon or our topic, please visit our website at