Protest for victims of tasing by the Westland Police Department

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Protesters gather outside the Westland Police Department accusing police of discriminating against minorities and excessive use of Tasers on black males.

"It's got to stop, we will not stand for it any longer," said Crystal Linton, community activist.

Activists, community leaders and victims gathered at the Westland Police Department calling for an end to discrimination and unfair tasing.

"Ray was tazed (while holding) a 2-month-old baby, Jerry was tazed just because he's a big black man," Linton said.

Raymurez Brown's incident received media attention when it happened in August.. 

But these community leaders say a second case didn't receive media coverage when Jerry Shingles was unfairly tased at his home in June by Westland police. That occurred weeks before the Brown incident ever took place.

"They all pretty much jumped on me," Shingles said. "Maybe eight or nine cops. And (they) restrained me, they tased me."

FOX 2 contacted Westland police and they say they continue to have on-going meetings with organizations like the Inkster National Action Network to build community trust.

But these activists say they question the police department's motives because police administration waited too long to inform them about the Shingles incident 

"It's now disingenuous because you are not trying to help the situation," said William Miller, National Action Network. "You are working to spin the situation to keep from hurting you personally. As long as we see the deplorable acts of the Westland police, we are going to continue to come out here and talk about it."

That's why these community leaders say they will come together in October to continue their fight for change.  Organizers say they will march from Westland City Hall to the city Police Department that day. 

"To show their support and let them know that we're the majority and the people that are bad are the minority," said Ray Brown. "We need to get them out."

"I plead with people, if you are a victim of this police department and these police officers, speak up," said Angela Martin, from the law office of Gregory Rohl. "If you are a victim speak up - we care, people care."