Protest held against GOP's proposed election integrity bills in Lansing

A rally was held on the steps of the capitol in Lansing protesting over the introduction of 39 bills designed to promote election integrity - but not in the eyes of this group.

FOX 2: "What is the effect of these bills?"

"Voter suppression," said Janice Winfrey, Detroit city clerk.

The 39 bills would prevent unsolicited voter applications by mail, restrict drop boxes, and require voter IDs for absentee ballots. 

"Out of 170 million votes, folks would like you to believe that there were some shenanigans," said Warren Evans, Wayne County executive. 

Shenanigans that the urban alliance of Michigan believes were trumped up by Republicans to suppress minority voting.  

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans attended the protest against the proposed bills.

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans attended the protest against the proposed bills.

FOX 2: "(Is it) racist?" 

"Voter suppression is racist," Winfrey said. "Right?"

"Disenfranchise poor people, people with lack of mobility - if they're white it does the same thing - It's not racist," Evans said. "That's the buzzword - to make people to try to make people nervous about whether they support something or don't support it."

FOX 2: "What's wrong with an ID. I need an ID when I get my Covid shot?"

"There's nothing wrong with an ID," said Eastpointe Mayor Monique Owens. "But they're going to the next level that is different than we've been doing since the beginning of time, and so when you are trying to make people do things that they never had to do before when things are already working, it's a problem for us."

But Republicans disagree saying all they want is a fair election.

"They called it racist, they called it voter suppression, nothing could be further from the truth," said Ted Goodman, spokesperson Michigan GOP. "Does that mean we shouldn't be constantly vigilant to secure elections and make sure every voice is heard?"

FOX 2: "Are you trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist?"

"That's not what I'm saying," Goodman said.

The governor has said that she promised to veto the bills if they made it's way to her desk. But the Republicans could do a citizens petition drive which could eliminate the governor.

"Nothing is off the table," Goodman said.