Protesters against Gratiot jail take over Wayne County board meeting

Protesters took over Thursday as Wayne County leaders weighed where to build a new jail and courthouse and how to pay for it.

The demonstrators interrupted the meeting to stand against the new jail site on Gratriot.

"No new jail," they chanted.

They also used foul language towards businessman Dan Gilbert and his proposal to build a Major League Soccer stadium at the same location.

The loud group also expressed their own political views.

Then, finally came some order when a commission member said there is a public comment section at the end of the meeting.

Once police arrived, the protestors walked out of the meeting on their own free will.

Although, at least person was arrested outside.

Members on the commission expressed how they felt.

"I've never seen nothing like it. I hope I never see it again. I felt threatened. We should set rules to where it never happens again in this body," a member said.

"It really shook me up. I don't think that it's a good idea we keep these chambers unmanned," another member said.

After the mayhem, the commission approved investing half a million dollars into vetting which proposal would be better for Wayne County, either continue building the new jail or side with Gilbert to bring Soccer to Detroit.

"We're not doing this out of courtesy. We're doing it because we think it may have viabily. But since we've already started on another track, we have to do a dual track right now and work toward the project on the Gratriot site while examining very quicking whether or not the Rock Ventures proposal really can work," Gary Woronchak of the Wayne County Commission said.

Executive Warren Evans says the commission's actions were critical to help determine which option is most-cost effective for taxpayers along with the county.