Protesters congregate outside Detroit ICE office ahead of potential weekend raids

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More than a dozen protesters were spotted outside a Detroit federal building Friday morning.

Individuals concerned with the potential raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers this weekend congregated outside the U.S. Department of Homeland Security building on Michigan Avenue around 6 a.m..

While everything appears peaceful, those in front of the office were said to be blocking the entrance to prevent workers from entering the building. That was before police removed them.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an order for ICE to execute raids in 10 cities across the country. It's unclear which cities were selected, however due to Detroit's large immigration population and previous raids that happened in 2017, many were on edge.

Officials said at least one woman was injured when she sprained her ankle. She refused medical help and was carried to a squad car.

Signs reading "End Child Detention NOW! No More Concentration Camps" and "End Deportation, Embrace Immigration" could be seen.

In June 2017, ICE arrested 114 Iraqis in Metro Detroit. The immigrants were primarily Chaldean.