Protesters want L Brooks Patterson's new radio show silenced

A local group already wants Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson's new radio show on 910 AM off the air.

It's a showdown at the headquarters of the station, called Detroit's largest voice for African-Americans

"The issue is can we be more inclusive," said activist Kae Halonen. "That's what the station promises to be and  that's what it isn't being right now."

Protesters want the station's newest voice -  Patterson - off the air.

"He's a Klansman without the hood," said Rev. W.J. Rideout III. "(We want them to) not let this man come on. He's heartless, he's cold, he does not care about our community."

Patterson joins political commentator Nancy Skinner to host the new radio show called "B.S on 910" which premiered Thursday.

Patterson says calls for him to step away from the mic because he is a racist are absurd.

"That label is ridiculous," Patterson said. "You have to be an emperor with no clothes to realize Detroit doesn't have problems. If I point that problem out, then I'm told I am anti-Detroit. No I'm not.  I am pro-Oakland County."

But despite calls for Patterson to go, station management disagrees.

"He has every right to be outside," said Kevin Adell, the station owner. "In fact, we'll bring (Rideout) inside and we will have him on after Patterson's show to get his side of the story.

"This is an open platform, that's what radio is."

The man leading the protest met with the station's owner about his concerns

But Patterson says there's only one thing that will dictate his longevity at the radio station.

"I've got to be really careful, I will be running for election in a few weeks and that will take me off show," Patterson said. "This is much to do about nothing because I have three weeks before I file."