Protestors against the Grand Prix says Belle Isle is a park not a racetrack

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A rally to oppose the Grand Prix on Belle Isle took place Saturday, along E. Jefferson at the entrance to the bridge to the island.

Those wanting Belle Isle be a public nature park open all year round gathered to voice their objections to any new contract between the DNR and the Roger Penske organization.

They complained that the event makes the state park off limits for those who want to enjoy the park. Especially because the race takes weeks to set up and take down making a lot of the park inaccessible.

Protestors want Belle Isle to be a public nature park all year round, they also want to stop any new contract from being signed between the DNR and the Grand Prix organization. 

"Belle Isle is a park it's not a racetrack, it’s a place for the people in the city to go for recreation and get away from the craziness of the city," Coordinator Sandra Novacek said.