Protestors call for justice after video shows officers punching man during arrest

Floyd Dent, who can be seen getting punched by police, says what's there to investigate?

"To me justice is having the person that done this to me, locked up," he said.

He claims that he was set up for drug charges after the arrest.

"I saw them being planted in my car," said Dent. 

"He planted those same drugs on this man," said Rev. Williams.

"Again I think the dialogue is important and I appreciate your first amendment rights to free speech," said Yost. 

Yost involved herself in the protest outside her department, pleading for patience.

"There is an ongoing investigation and independent investigation being conducted by the Michigan State Police, we will act accordingly once those findings are in," she said.

Rev. Williams said, "The state police were there, so how are they going to investigate themselves?"

"Sir, again, there is an independent investigation and the results will go before the Wayne County Prosecutor's office," said Yost.

One person with internal knowledge of the Inkster Police Department stood with protesters, former Inkster Police Chief Hilton Napoleon.

"Some of these officers quite frankly need to turn their badge in," said Hilton Napoleon, former Inkster Police Chief.

It's been nearly a year since Chief Napoleon was in charge of the department and says the department should be dissolved and taken over by the sheriff's department.

Napoleon said, "This cannot be fixed, because you have too many officers in there that lack moral integrity."

The current chief of Inkster police says she supports the protesters' right to voice their concerns and even met with some in private today.

She says this is a long process and the investigation is just beginning.