Pugh: 'Nothing' to say to people of Detroit during arrest

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Moments before being taken away in handcuffs and even smiling at one point, former Detroit City Council president and former Fox 2 anchor Charles Pugh was arrested in New York City Thursday.

When asked what he had to say to the people of Detroit, Pugh says "Nothing."

He was charged for six counts of criminal sexual conduct and arraigned in Manhattan Thursday afternoon.

"The notoriety this person has or once had, I'm sure the Ts were crossed and the I's were dotted," said attorney Todd Perkins.

Now 44 years old, the incident allegedly happened when Pugh was 32, in 2003.  Wayne county prosecutors say while at FOX 2 a 14-year-old boy approached Pugh for an internship, they then exchanged phone numbers.

Then, from September of 2003 to May 2004, the victim accuses Pugh of inappropriate sexual contact inside Pugh's home. Pugh faced three counts each of criminal sexual conduct third and first degree.

WATCH: Click here to see Pugh's arrest in New York.

"I want to pray for him," said Reggie Reg Davis, a friend of Pugh's. "The system here in this country says that you are innocent until proven guilty. That's the way it works. Let it play out in court."

This is now the second case against Pugh in recent years. In November of 2015 a jury awarded  $250,000 to a teen in a civil suit against Pugh.

After hearing of Pugh's arrest, the attorney for the teen in that case, William Seikaly says it is about time.

"He used his power, his position and age to do these things with these young boys," Seikaly said.

The now 27-year-old decided to come forward after 13 years passed and he heard of that civil case, prosecutors say.

"I think he's got a lot of courage," said Seikaly. "I think it's very hard to do."

"Given the amount of time that has gone by, credibility," Perkins said. "That would be the whole case."

Meanwhile, Pugh, who waived his extradition Thursday, is now in custody until his next court date on July 7th.

Although the alleged incidents happened more than a decade ago, there is no statute of limitations. But third degree has 10 years, according to the prosecutor’s office once Pugh left the state, the statute on those counts paused.