Puppies rescued after Christmas reunited with Detroit police officers that saved them

Today, two puppies rescued the day after Christmas were reunited with their new families; the two Detroit police officers saved them.

Officers Gabrielle Rogers and Hussein Kourani each took home a now healthy pup.

"It feels great, especially seeing them happy and healthy," Kourani said. "Last time we saw them, I mean, they were a little bigger than my palm. It's amazing."

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The officers responded to a vicious dog call in December. When they arrived, they found the puppy's mother on the porch of an abandoned home.

The officers said she looked like she was more scared than anything. She was also malnourished.

"We could tell she had something in there she wanted to get to because she just wouldn't leave the location," Kourani said.

"I just had an inkling to go in there," Rogers said.

The abandoned home had been boarded up by a neighbor while the dog was away. The officers decided to enter the home.

That's when they found the pups. One of them was tangled in a mattress spring.

Detroit Pit Crew initially took the puppies, but they were transferred to Aries Doberman Liberation Rescue in Grand Rapids to become healthy.

Harry Potter had an umbilical hernia and Hermione had an extra toe that was removed. The puppies were also spayed and neutered.

"My man cave is basically now her cave. I'll be looking forward to sharing that with her," Kourani said.

"He has about 4 sweaters, 3 collars and a million leashes and toys by now. I'm definitely ready for him to come home and explore and see all the new things he gets to play with," Rogers said.

The owner of Abicks Bar held the reunion and is matching the donations that the FOX 2 News family donated to cover all the medical bills for the puppies and their mom.