Puppy left mutilated in park rescued after botched neuter

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A puppy was rescued from a Detroit park after it appeared someone mutilated the dog and left it to die.

It appeared it was a backyard botched neuter and when things went wrong; the person responsible abandoned the small dog in the park.

Just looking at the baby blue pit - it's hard to tell what excruciating pain he must have gone through. The images are too horrific and disturbing to show.

"This is bad he is a 5 to 6 week old puppy that has a hole in his abdomen with his reproductive organs are literally falling out," said Kristina Rinaldi. "His actual organ is detached from where it is supposed to be, it is going to need a lot of reconstruction work a lot of care."

Kristina Rinaldi, the director from Detroit Dog Rescue says they received the call from Animal Control Friday afternoon.

A Good Samaritan spotted the puppy at Detroit's Chandler Park and eventually realized the 5-week old pit bull had been mutilated and left for dead.

The dog now named "Chandler" was taken to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services. It's believed someone tried to neuter the dog on their own - and something clearly went terribly wrong.

"We see a lot of ear cropping jobs, tail docking jobs that happen in garages in Detroit and other cities,” it looks like somebody tried to neuter this puppy and it was a failed attempt

Doctors believe the dog wasn't able to relieve himself for at least a couple of days.

Chandler, still a lovable sweet natured pup - is now on pain medication and resting as comfortably as he can.

Rinaldi says surgeons will work to reattach the organ and repair the damage - but it will be costly.

DDR will cover the cost but welcomes donations to help pay for the procedures.

They also want anyone who may know who this dog belongs to, to come forward. There is a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

"I think this became something that someone couldn't handle," Rinaldi said. "They didn't want to admit wrong didn't want to say what really happened and dumped him in a busy park."

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