Python found slithering outside Ferndale car dealership

A python was discovered slithering around a car dealership in Ferndale. 

The Humane Society believes this snake was someone's pet that either got loose or was abandoned before it showed up at Honda's front door.

A customer first spotted a two-foot long male ball python in the used car lot, then followed it as it slithered up the sidewalk and to the front door.

"I get called from the back, all the excitement, so I run up here like everybody else does to see what's going on. It's a python!" says Cliff, who works at Honda. He helped put the snake in a box after a coworker fumbled it. 

"I picked it up where I thought it was safe and it was so instant, just put it in the box and it was over with," he says, adding that the snake didn't even turn its head at all. "I'm in the car business, not the snake business, so I got lucky. I had angels around me at the time I guess."

Ferndale Police were called and showed up at the scene, but didn't have the resources to remove and care for the snake properly. So the owner drove it a few miles up Woodward to the Detroit Zoo and a friend of one of the employees there took it for safekeeping before handing it off to the Humane Society.

Cliff is just happy it did not get inside the dealership -- and the snake sighting happened Wednesday, instead of its Customer Appreciation Day on Thursday.

The Humane Society will finish assessing the snake's health sometime Thursday morning, then they'll decide where the snake goes from there. They have found homes for ball pythons before.