QLINE car vandalized with anti-police message

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Vandals spray painted an anti-police message on a QLINE car in Detroit on Monday morning.

It happened just after midnight on Woodward near East Grand Boulevard.

"It's ridiculous. It don't make sense. Can't have nothing without someone tearing it up," WHO said.

Detroiters are a little upset Monday. asking why can't we have anything nice?

The spray paint was power washed off the car inside its garage on Woodward.

"It definitely affects the quality of life... trying to send the message that the city is safe," WHO said.

While Detroiters and police are furious that someone would vandalized one of these cars, what was written: is even more infuriating.

The anti-police acronym displayed: ACAB, meaning all coppers -- or cops -- are (blank).

"We believe it to be used by a particular group... before we id these individuals," WHO said.

Detroit police are reviewing surveillance video and talking with nearby business owners to find out more.

While the tag -- wasn't necessarily threatening to police, that vandal is likely facing a felony charge of malicious destruction of property.