Questions surround police involved shooting on Detroit's east side

A call of shots being fired at the corner of Rosemary and Chalmers came into Detroit police dispatch around 5 p.m. Saturday. Police arrived at the same time these two cousins were passing through.

Johnna Haley, cousin of one of the shooting victims said, "he was actually just coming from his friends house. He had just gone to prom yesterday."

18-year-old Keith Davis was behind the wheel with his 15-year-old cousin Delmarco Whitsett Saturday when something went terribly wrong.
According to police, the car Davis was driving collided with a police cruiser. The next few minutes, the events have not been fully disclosed by police yet.

One witness tells police there was a third person standing next to the cousin's car and conflicting reports say that that person may have opened fire on the police.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the events of the shooting were under investigation and all the details were not yet available to truly determined what caused or led up to the shooting. Craig did say that the officer came out shooting. One of the cop's bullet grazed the face of 18-year-old Davis. Bullet holes were visible in the windshield of his car as it was towed away.

Richard Patterson, cousin of Davis says that police were shooting to kill. "He's a taller sized guy. If he was average it would have hit him in between the eyes," Patterson said of Davis. 

The police officer was also shot, a bullet grazing his foot.

Chief Craig said the officer was exiting his vehicle when he returned fire. "It is unknown at this point whether or not one of the rounds struck him was self-inflicted."

Both Davis and the officer were taken to St. John hospital for treatment.

The 15-year-old was taken to the station but neither he nor Davis are considered a suspect of any crime. 

Chief Craig came down here to St. John hospital and spoke with both the officer and the mother of the victim. Both are expected to fully recover.  

As for the shooter, police say they have little to go on. Just a black man in his 20's, seen by a single witness.