Questions swirl at Taylor council meeting after FBI raid of City Hall

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Tuesday morning began with an FBI raid at Taylor City Hall and at the home of Mayor Rick Sollars. By the evening, it was business as usual at a regular city council meeting - adding up to quite a day with a lot of unanswered questions. 

Word spread quickly of the raid, said City Councilman Tim Woolley.

"My phone started lighting up and I literally had to turn my ringer off because I had a job to do and nobody likes to see that," he said.

FBI agents focused on Sollars’ office and home, but the distraction of a federal investigation was set aside at 7 p.m. for the regularly scheduled meeting. 

"As much as I would like to talk about the investigation, I really can’t comment on it," Sollars said at the council meeting. "What I can say is that I will continue to cooperate and assist in any way I can."

Before diving into city business the mayor had a request at the meeting: "What I will ask is that you please respect my family and the integrity of the investigation."

During public comment, only one Taylor resident took the opportunity to question the mayor about the FBI raid and threaten a recall petition.

When the meeting adjourned, it was our turn. 

FOX 2: "Did this come as a surprise?"

"I can’t say that I was expecting this to occur, so certainly," the mayor said. The mayor says he can't - and won't - elaborate on what they were looking for, or what prompted the federal government to get involved. 

“We will stay the course and do our part to get this thing to the finish line.” Sollars said.

Taylor City Chairman Tim Woolley is aware of how this all looks. 

“It is not a good situation. It doesn’t make the city look good, however it is still so early," he said.

He is urging patience and says that he will do everything he can to speed the process along. 

“We are working with the FBI, whatever they need with the ongoing investigation," Woolley said. "Nobody likes to see it, but I also believe he is innocent until proven guilty. Hopefully there is nothing there.”