Quicken Loans is ranked 14 on the list of best places to work. They're looking to fill 1,300 jobs

Meet Chad Fox. He's 20, spry, and looking for a job - no, he's looking for a career.

"I'm just trying to find something to hold on to and grab and keep," said Fox.

Well Chad, you may just be in luck.

Quicken Loans, the financial muscle behind much of Detroit's rebound is looking to hire. Not just a few positions or even a 100 positions, but 1,300 new jobs.

By their own standards since moving downtown in 2010, the companies under the Bedrock name have spurred on $17.8 billion in economic impact for Michigan. And those numbers aren't looking back either. According to their second quarter numbers of 2019, it's been more of the same.

And what do companies do when they're seeing record growth? Keep on growing.

"I actually started as a mortgage banker with very little experience and a big thing we look for, the number one thing is integrity," said Jim Livingston, of Quicken Loans. "Outside of that, we look for other skills and abilities, but for us, it's about the person."

And depending on the interests of the person, there is a myriad of available positions.

"All the way to technology roles which could be software engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers to our operation side, underwriting and processing," said Livingston.

That list goes on. If you want to find anything on that list that may interest you, head to https://www.myrocketcareer.com/ for more information.