Racist graffiti written on Wayne State University bathroom wall

Wayne State University says it is working to remove racist graffiti found in a men's bathroom on campus on Friday.

An English professor at Wayne State sent a photo of the graffiti to Wayne State University as well as President Donald Trump.

She sent to Wayne State Thursday afternoon and said a student found it in the bathroom. She said the student also said there was more and that it needed to be removed.

Wayne State responded to her tweet and said facilities was working on it and would get it removed.

Early Friday morning, she sent the photo to President Donald Trump in response to a tweet he put out. She said that he caused the racism and that he's doing real harm. WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE:

The South End, a publication written by Wayne State students, says the administration sent an email to students on Friday to address the graffiti. In the letter on The South End's website, Wayne State Chief of Police Anthony Holt said the department is gathering evidence. CLICK HERE for more from The South End.

"They don't know exactly who to trust. Who is doing this. So they wanted to see if there was anything that I could do," Laurette said.

The president of the university released a statement that said, in part,  "Such actions will not be tolerated. Not only are they detestable; they are criminal. "