Racist letter sent to Roseville family

A local Roseville woman stands arm and arm with her church pastor. 

She was excited to move into her new home with her children on Florida St, 1 block off Gratiot in Roseville. 

But one month after moving in, a letter in her mailbox caused Trina to freeze in her tracks. 

A racially charged letter in which the conspirator uses the N word with a red line drawn through it.

The letter arrived days ago and it's making for sleepless nights for Trina and her family. 

Trina says since moving to Roseville they've had no issues with anyone and have no idea who sent the letter.

Trina says she can't believe this is happening to her and her family. She does not understand how in 2016 a family is left to deal with racial hatred in a community she adores. 

The letter sent to Trina's address arrived in a standard plain envelope with no return address and has a Roseville post mark. 

Police were able to lift finger prints off the letter. The fingerprints were developed and sent to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab with a request that the analysis be expedited.

If you know anything regarding this case, you're asked to call police immediately.