Rally held to demand justice for mother of seven killed at Rouge Park

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On a typical Saturday night the basketball courts would be packed – but, one week after a mother of 7 was gunned down. There is a different mood at Rouge Park.

"I'm telling you I'm frustrated today it sickened me to my stomach to hear a mother of 7 lost her life in a park," Martin Jones said with Detroit 300.

A rally for peace – one week after Francesca "Frankie" Marks was shot to death at Rouge Park, just a bystander caught in the crossfire after an argument on the basketball courts which started over a pair of shoes. 

"They got to do it without their mother now some fool decided to come back here with a gun with all of these people out and here and shoot recklessly," Jones said.

Organizers tell Fox 2, 30 year old Frankie was a peacekeeper in her neighborhood with the Detroit Coalition of Peace.
"It's startling because the sister represented the antithesis of what she became a victim of," Tefere Brent said. 
Teferi Brent with the Coalition says there was a park full of people that day witnessing it all but the shooter is still out there.
"Absolutely disheartening it's painful it's sickening to be quite honest with you and the fact that no one has said anything when everyone saw something," Brent said.
Some of Frankie's kids saw too — her 7 children as young as 2 months old to 12.

They laid their mom to rest Saturday.

You're hurting families, you're hurting your family, we have kids here who will never know their mom, they are going to grow up without a mother," Sherri Scott said, mother of the victim. 

Detroit Police are still looking for tips, you can be that help by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK UP.