Real License - Fake Name - You're in the Hall of Shame!

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Say hi to John Houston Floyd.

John Floyd puts the con into his construction business.

His customers say he's a con artist.

Kirk, one of Floyd’s victim’s says he’s got a good game, he goes around and rips people off.

Kirk is absolutely right, Floyd is a crafty criminal who con-ceals his real identity.

One things for sure, John Floyd is an ex-con with a valid builder's license which concerns everyone. It also led my to ask myself, how does a criminal obtain a builder's license?

"I’ve made police reports, went to the prosecutor, went to the attorney general, I went to his probation officer, no one will do anything" according to Ryan, another victim.

When we caught up with Floyd he flat out told us he wasn’t running or hiding from anyone or anything. We could put him on TV if we wanted.

Well then John, con-gratulations because you’ve made it. You're in the HHHHAAALLLLLLL OFFFFF SHAMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Another one of Floyd's victims, Danny wanted a new driveway at his Taylor house. He called Superior General Contracting in Troy and spoke a guy he says identified himself as John Patricina. Patricina told Danny someone named Jay would be out to give him an estimate.

“I said let's do the deal, he charged me $5,500 up front. I was only supposed to pay $3,000 up front and  $2,500 on the back end when the job was done. He charged me for the whole thing," said Danny.

Yep. He charged Danny for the completed job when he was only supposed to take a deposit. And guess what? The work that was promised to Danny was never done. The only thing that ever happened was that a permit was pulled and even that was fishy too.

"On the permit application I expected to see John Patricina's name,” says Danny.

But the name Danny saw was the not the person he thought he had been talking to. Who is John Floyd he wondered?

Danny googled Floyd’s name and got a record rap sheet! Court records longer than most peoples grocery lists. 

There were many, many victims I spoke with that Floyd was being a con-man to.

In Mount Clemens, Michael hired John the ex-con to fix his roof but he never showed.

Kirk says he is a crook, a shiester even. Kirk gave Floyd a down payment on a fence for his Rochester Hills yard.  A fence that was never started. “I just kept getting excuse after excuse,” explained Kirk.

Once Kirk discovered who he actually hired, he called Floyd's probation officer.

“I asked her why can’t you catch this guy? She told me because no one knew where he was.”

Danny got a shot of Floyd's license plate but the 2015 Yukon he was driving belonged to some guy in Brown City way up north. We went up there, but no Floyd.

I sure couldn't check Floyd's drivers license to find out where he was because he hasn't had a driver's license since the 90's.

He has had so many drunk driving convictions he can't even apply for a license. So how did he manage to get a builder's license?

On the state of Michigan's website it says to get a builder's license you need to be "of good moral character."

Well, here's John Floyd's character. He spent a bunch of time in federal prison for being part of a big drug trafficking organization.

On the state level, he was convicted of forgery and ripped off some poor family close to $100,000.

John was convicted and sent to prison and released just a few years ago. 

Floyd was ordered to pay close to $100,000 in restitution to his victims but he told the court he could only afford $200 a month. 

Apparently he was doing ok financially because he could afford a giant house in Armada, because that is where we found Floyd and were not leaving until we were given some answers. 

What happens next when Rob confronts the con-man is something you won't believe.

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